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When a high-flying Wall Street investment banker is found brutally killed, what started out as a simple fraud case turns into expert criminologist Leopold Blake’s first ever murder investigation.

As the glamor of Wall Street is stripped away by a series of catastrophic discoveries, Leopold will have to decide how much he is prepared to risk in order to uncover the truth – and whether it’s a price he’s willing to pay. Click the button below for your free copy:

A voice of Padre Pio from Heaven. He talks of the great interconnection between Confession and Salvation. Hence, I can term the book as a guide to Salvation.

Bernard Karori
Saint Padre Pio Speaks

About The Book

Saint Padre Pio…

“I am Saint Padre Pio and my intercession before God the Father to obtain the salvation of your soul at this point in your life is a blessing without compare among the gifts of Heaven. For the stigmata I bore on my physical body, sacred and blessed effigy of Christ Jesus who is Divine Love, are still visible on my etheric body for all to behold here.” Chapter 2

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